Brett-Breitfuss Blog Jan 27, 2014

imageHey there Moose blog readers! We just came off of a huge weekend with the best team in the league, the Idaho Jr Steelheads. We only had a two game series this weekend with them. On Friday, we played one of the best games this year so far. We were down 2 going into the third and came back to tie it up to send it into overtime. Shocking everyone, Nick Fruitgarden scored the OT winner to be the first team in our division to get 2 points from the Steelheads. The next night we lost 5-2, even though we had another great performance, and we also found out that Vesslo is a point snake.

This weekend we have another home series with the Seattle Totems. Its a big weekend for us to get 6 points to get closer to Ogden. Our Practice on Monday was very interesting as we did relay races and a scrimmage. Our week is going to be about us working out the kinks in our structure to make it better. We have been getting better and better every week. We are the big shock in the league as we improved greatly from last year. As a team, we are going to get these 6 points this weekend.

Tommy Breitfuss #8

Since last Tuesday I have had zero fun away from the rink. We’re getting to that point in the season where it’s time to buckle down and make a run before the playoffs. Less time is spent at the movie theater and more time spent at the rink running through systems. We had a huge two game set this weekend at home against the division leader Idaho. In the short history of the Moose franchise, we have never beaten Idaho until Friday when Luity buried, going floor cheese on a pass from Saaa. As an organization it was probably the highest moment in history, but in our locker room it was expected. After the 2nd period when Carr went nuts on us for being down 2 goals and not competing I think everyone in the locker room knew that we were going to comeback and win that game.

Come Saturday we did not show up to compete all the way through the lineup and we paid the price. After two periods we were in a 4-1 hole and facing turmoil again. Carr called us out as a team for not being tough up front and moved Coley and Barnes to forward. I was moved to defense after myself and the forwards were bashed for being about as strong as teddy bears on Valium. I have to let everyone know that if you see me hanging with Kresl and one of the Barnes brothers walks up, vacate the area immediately. Things go bad and funky stuff happens when Kres and I are hanging and Barnes and Noble tries to join the party, pizza ends up in pillow cases and in people’s shoes. A thanks is long overdue to all of our billet families that help with all of the daily tasks at every single home game we play. They do so much for our organization and we’re lucky to have them. That wraps up the week as a Mooser and we’ll see you next week, so keep it real SLC.

Brett Myer #13

Brett-Breitfuss Blog: January 21, 2014

Jan. 13-21 2014

It was a pretty wild week getting back into our Salt Lake routines after we’ve been away from our billet homes since the middle of December. Personally, I was glad my billets didn’t call the cops on me after showing up at 2 in the morning last week thinking I was an intruder. It’s always an adventure flying with the boys and we had quite the time navigating through 4 different airports and made some friends along the way mostly through Brad’s unbelievable charm and everyone else’s good looks. It was a pretty normal week practice wise; nothing too exciting happened. We did pick up two teammates last week. The first, Jake McMullen from Seattle who brings another fellow Seahawk to our already proud fan base, and the other teammate was Vik’s girlfriend who he practically brought into the locker room as well as to all the team functions last week. Unfortunately, she went back home to Europe.

A lot of the guys managed to see “The Lone Survivor” last week, and we all loved it, but all thought of Vessol when a guy breaks his leg and keeps moving on. We all know Vessol wouldn’t last long out there. Overall, the weekend was viewed as a failure for only picking up 4 points on the weekend and we paid the price yesterday when our owner ran practice and we didn’t get a day off. We had a solid Sunday though as we got a big 8-1 win with help from everyone on the team except Kress who could only muster a hat trick and a couple of apples. Step it up buddy. Several of us enjoyed watching the Seahawks get a big win from Buffalo Wild Wings while Cole and Jake got into it with a few sumo sized 49er fans. Yesterday, Brobs, Pommer, Gaspo, Tuan, and I hit up Park City to enjoy some actual breathable air and enjoy the sights. We met Holgie, a classy, elderly actress who gave us the rundown on Sun Dance. It was another great week in the life of a Mooser as we prepare for a big tilt this weekend against Idaho we’ll see you next week, keep it real SLC.

#13 Brett Myer


Hey there Moose fans! We just got off of a big 3 game series with Missoula. We went 2-1 against them and acquired 4 points that we needed. On Friday we had a shaky start, but in the end pulled out a 5-2 win. The next night was not so good for us as we lost 5-2 in a game we should not have lost. It stung so we as a team came together and said we were going to be better, and it worked. On Sunday we crushed the Maulers 8-1 to end the series. We also cannot scratch Vesslo anymore because he jokingly said we lose only when he is not in the line up. Now we prepare for a huge weekend against Idaho.

We didn’t get a day off this week due to our performance Saturday night. Scott was on the ice running things, but I was not there due to sickness. Tuesday we had a workout at 7:15 am which was very unusual because we usually have workouts after practice. I enjoyed it more because it woke me up for practice. This week is all preparation for Idaho, the best team in our league. We went 0-2-1 last series we had and we are hoping to win both games this weekend. As a team we have come so far and continue building. We have recently gotten 2 new players. One from Washington, and one from Alaska. So as we continue to build we get stronger, so we can get into playoffs and win the Thorne Cup.

#8 Tommy Breitfuss